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Our Partners

When selecting our partners, we have just the one goal - to achieve added value for our clients and finding successful investment opportunities that meet their needs. In doing so, we follow a multi-stage, qualitative and quantitative selection process. Quality, consistency and transparency are crucial alongside innovation. Our clients are an important part of the process and are involved from the outset.

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Our Partners in Detail


Based on many years of experience, AIKYA has developed a unique emerging markets strategy that meets the highest standards in terms of sustainability.

More information about AIKYA can be found on their website or on LinkedIn

Global Emerging Markets

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As an exclusive asset management company for business owners and professional investors, Allington now offers individual strategies  to a broader group of investors in the form of funds.

More information about Allington can be found on their website or on LinkedIn


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Alpinum is an independent Swiss asset management company founded in 2014 (as a spin-off from Marcuard Heritage) with a strong focus on the interests of its clients.
Alpinum specialises in bonds and alternative investments, with a focus on long-term absolute return investments.
Capital preservation and drawdown management are key in their investment process. 

More information about Alpinum can be found on their website or on LinkedIn


Alternative Investment

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Haven Green is a multi-boutique platform for affiliate managers, promoting the allocation of capital to sustainable and/or impact-oriented investment strategies that offer asset owners attractive long-term return potential while making a positive difference in the world.

As such, Haven Green form an access point to a wide range of high-quality investment managers and investment opportunities focused on sustainability and impact.

Haven Green work with boutique investment managers bringing sustainability and impact investing products to market, advising asset owners on developing their sustainable ESG policies and working with early-stage and start-up companies in the impact space.

More information about Haven Green can be found on its website or on LinkedIn

Haven Green Performance

Ecofin Global Renewable Infrastructure

Ecofin Energy Transition

Osmosis Resource Efficient Core Equity

Hotchkis & Wiley Global Value

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OBAM B.V. is one of the best known investment managers in the Netherlands. The company is owner-managed and invests primarily in sustainable companies. OBAM's mission is to achieve the best return at an acceptable level of risk for its clients, and to do so in a sustainable manner.
OBAM N.V. is an open-ended global equity fund that was founded as far back as 1936 and has been listed on the stock exchange since 1954. This makes it one of the oldest and most successful funds in Europe.

More information about OBAM can be found on their website or on LinkedIn

OBAM Performance

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Sectoral Asset Management is exclusively focussed on managing global healtcare portfolios. Based on long term expertise, they created leading edge strategies in that segment.

More information about Sectoral can be found on their website or on LinkedIn

Healthcare Opportunities

Biotech Opportunities

Emerging Markets Healthcare

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STRATECO is a management consultancy that has been helping leading companies to master upcoming challenges for more than 18 years. From strategy to processes, through to execution, we achieve the highest levels of performance for our clients.

More information about STRATECO can be found on their website or on LinkedIn.

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