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Fundbridge connects professional investors with high-quality, successful asset managers. Because of our proximity with our clients, we know their needs and can identify investment solutions that both fit the respective market environment and address the needs of professional investors.

With over 25 years of experience and an extensive global network we can contribute significantly to your success!

Fundbridge connects

Services for professional investors

Our aim is to make innovative and needs-based investment ideas accessible for investors in Germany and other European countries.

Our global network of experts and a systematic selection approach helps us to identify attractive new solutions from around the world. We place particular importance on the quality and reputation of providers and our independence and flexibility enable us to provide customers with the most appropriate building blocks for their product portfolio, ensuring their long-term success in the market.

Services for asset managers

We offer unparalleled access to a network of professional investors in Germany and other European countries that have been built over many years. We have built up trusting relationships with our clients and have an in-depth knowledge of the needs of different client segments. These long-term relationships ensure that we are able to provide sustainable performance to our clients and partner. Due to our many years of international sales experience, we understand local requirements and can adjust appropriately.



What makes us different

Put simply; only those who have known their clients for many years and implicitly understand their needs and decision-making processes are able to provide market-leading consulting and offer targeted solutions. Customer proximity and deep customer understanding are at our core.

Through an open dialogue we work to support our clients implement their strategy and achieve their long-term goals.

In this way we are always able to act impartially and find the best solution. Only then can we be mutually successful – what we call sustainable performance.

The foundation for this is our international network of partners and experts, forged over 25 years in the market. Our clients are part of this network and thus benefit from our added value.

Über uns

About us

Who we are

The name Fundbridge speaks for itself - we build the bridge between professional investors and high-quality, international asset managers. Our strength lies in the fact that we have been active in this market for over 25 years, have built up a unique network and long-standing, trusting relationships with our clients and the international investment industry.

Our Managing Director, Claude Hellers, who is supported by various experienced teams, is key to supporting you in your business needs. Claude held several client focussed senior leadership positions in various countries, when working for one of the world’s largest Asset Managers. His experience combined with his broad expertise creates unique opportunities for our clients.



When selecting our partners, we have only one goal - to achieve added value for our clients and to identify successful investment opportunities that meet their needs. In doing so, we follow a multi-stage, qualitative and quantitative selection process. Quality, consistency and transparency are decisive alongside innovation. Our clients are an important part of the process and are involved from the outset.


At a glance


Customised solutions


25 years


Unique network


Highest quality standards



We would like to keep you up to date. In our newsroom, you will find opinions on the market and press reports about us, as well as information about our partners. Take a look!


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How to contact me

Claude Hellers

Managing Partner

Fundbridge GmbH

Kaiser-Friedrich-Promenade 45

61348 Bad Homburg v.d.H

Mobile: + 49-171-7694390

Phone: + 49-6172-9959-590

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