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Partner Spotlight: Alpinum Investment Management

Today I would like to introduce Alpinum Investment Management, one of the first Asset Management Partners we will represent in Germany.

Alpinum IM is an independent Zurich-based Asset Manager with close to $1.7bn assets under management. They are a spin-off of the global wealth manager Marcuard Heritage, and in full alignment with their clients’ interests, who are mainly Family Offices, Wealth Managers and Pension Funds. Capital preservation and drawdown management are key considerations in the investment process.

The core expertise of Alpinum IM lies in credit investments, direct lending and hedge funds. The solutions are based on efficient drawdown management combined with uncorrelated returns in efficiently constructed portfolios based on open architecture fund of fund structures and segregated accounts. Alpinum IM’s long track record and extensive team experience gives them access to the best specialists in the world.

In a recent interview which with Reto Ineichen, Alpinum IM CEO, I noted the following key messages:

(1) “Credit investments have experienced a real boom in recent years, especially as the yield curve is now at it’s lowest for 100 years. In this respect, a prolonged low or negative interest rate phase would provide further lucrative investment opportunities in the segment”

(2) “Alternative investments are an attractive way to achieve returns in the current low interest rate environment and a look at credit investments is particularly rewarding”

(3) "Thanks to our many years of expertise and our effective risk management, we offer everything it takes for our clients to sleep well at night,"

In these special times, you have to look at different ways to get the best outcome for your clients.

The full interview with Reto Ineichen in German can be found in the above video.

If you want to hear more about Alpinum IM or their solutions, please let us know at or visit

Fundbridge has a global, international network, which is a key strength, and builds the bridge between investors and asset managers. In our daily work, we also come across interesting investment professionals who we have worked with and learnt to appreciate over the years. Whilst looking at the latest developments in China, I had the opportunity to discuss China with David Baverez, who has been a portfolio manager in the past, who lives in Hong Kong and who kept close to the market as a private investor. These insights will be shared in the Fundbridge Newsroom.


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