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Focus Healthcare: Trends & Opportunities Beyond Covid -19

Since COVID-19 has put the healthcare sector on center stage, there are significant changes and unique opportunities coming up in that sector around the globe. Our Partner Sectoral Asset Management is one of the leading market specialists, exclusively focused on global healthcare Markets. We have the chance to discuss with Michael Sjöström, Founder and CIO, about market insights and his investment philosophy. Following this section, Marco Cianflone, Portfolio Manager of the Sectoral Healthcare Opportunity Fund, will share his market outlook for 2021 with us. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Sectoral Asset Management was founded in 2000 and is exclusively focused on managing global healthcare portfolios. Sectoral continuously aims to achieve superior returns for their investors by concentrating on primary research. Sectoral has one of the longest track records in managing biotech and healthcare. The firm is employee owned and registered with the SEC, AMF and the SFC.


23rd of March 2021, 14.30 CET


1. Introduction & moderation

Claude Hellers, Founder and Managing Partner of Fundbridge

(about 5 minutes)

2. Interview on market insights and the Sectoral Investment philosophy

Michael Sjöström, CFA – Founder and CIO of Sectoral Asset Management

(about 15 minutes)

3. Positioning and strategy of the Sectoral Healthcare Opportunity Fund

Marco Cianflone, CFA – Portfolio Manager of the fund

(about 15 minutes)

4. Q&A – conclusions and outlook

(about 15 minutes)


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